Embedded C


Extensions for the programming language C to support embedded processors, enabling portable and efficient application programming for embedded systems


This website has been launched end of March 2004  to inform about Embedded C related developments, in particular about products and applications following the ISO ratification of the Technical Report on Embedded C (TR 18037) in February 2004.

The official ISO Technical Report and related documents can be found at the WG14 website.

For contributing any information about events, products and services related to Embedded C, please email info@embedded-c.org.



SPS-DARTS 2005, Antwerp, 19 April, 2005
Using Embedded C For High Performance DSP Applications


Poster: High Performance Signal Processing with Embedded C


GSPx Conference in Santa Clara, 26 October, 2005
"The Embedded C extension to C" by Marcel Beemster



The Embedded C Extension To C


Embedded C Extensions Move Forward


C Standards: More Or Less


“ACE Associated Compiler Experts provide full support for both DSP-C and Embedded C in their latest 2005 release of the CoSy compiler development system” – Marco Roodzant, VP marketing & sales of ACE Associated Compiler Experts

“Byte Craft is proud of the active role we played in the development of the ISO ISO/IEC TR 18037 “Extensions for the programming language C to support embedded processors”.
Byte Craft Limited compilers, incorporating the Embedded C language extensions, are used by automotive, industrial and embedded systems customers.” – Walter Banks, President, Byte Craft


“Driving design language standards for Electronic-System Level Design is part of CoWare's core strategy. Embedded C is integrated into our processor design technology. We are utilizing the CoSy Express C-Compiler technology from our strategic partner ACE to deliver an entire solution for multi-media, office automation and wireless applications implemented on custom processors (ASIP). As the leader in ASIP design, CoWare welcomes the Embedded C support from other processor companies, as it offers our customers greater flexibility to move their applications to the most appropriate architecture, which they define using our platform architecture tools.” – Johannes Stahl, Director Marketing, CoWare

“Dinkumware has a complete implementation of the Embedded C library in its Dinkumware C libraries, plus the runtime code related to Embedded C. These are all parameterized for a wide range of data sizes. Beyond that, all

C99 math functions for the three signed accumulator types use the most popular data formats.” – Bill Plauger, President of Dinkumware


“EDG implements Embedded C in its C/C++ Front End.” – Steve Adamczyk, EDG
“We see that the use of Embedded C language - based on its productivity and portability merits - is gradually expanding in Japan. We have implemented a complete suite of tests for the Embedded C language extensions into our well known C Compiler Qualification Service, which - when passed - provides solid confirmation of the quality of Embedded C compilers. Japan Novel offers a complete solution to the Japanese Embedded C users in the form of compiler qualification services, as well as the CoSy compiler development system for cost-effective construction of high quality, optimizing compilers.”  – Yoichi Sugiyama, Japan Novel
“Perennial Inc., a California Corporation specializing in developing test suites for conformance to international standards for programming languages, provides conformance tests for DSP-C and Embedded C compilers as specified in the recent Technical Report to the C standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1999 TR18037.” – Barry Hedquist, President and CEO, Perennial



bullet"The DSP industry certainly needs a high-level programming language that reflects the differences between conventional processor architectures and DSP architectures. The DSP-C language proposed by ACE to the ISO/ANSI standardization is the most significant step in recent years towards realizing that requirement and I am pleased that the "Embedded C "Technical Report from ISO has now been approved."  - Will Strauss, President, Forward Concepts.
bullet"I am pleased to see the international recognition of Embedded C by ISO. Philips Semiconductors was closely involved in the definition of DSP-C, which has been the basis for this recognition. The DSP-C extensions have been successfully used in our tools and application developments to create portable and highly efficient DSP applications. The thorough standardization work will facilitate proliferation of this technology and bring great benefit to embedded application developers." - Rob Woudsma, general manager of Philips Semiconductors’ DSP Innovation Center
bullet"It is very important for our customers that support for low-level IO functionality is now standardized in the Embedded-C Technical Report. We expect that these specifications will promote creation of portable C source libraries for peripheral IO driver circuitry commonly used in embedded systems." - Jan Kristoffersen, CEO of RAMTEX International


This website is currently maintained and hosted by ACE as a service to the embedded development community. ACE initiated these ISO developments by bringing in the DSP-C specification which was made public in 1998 (www.dsp-c.org) . People are invited to participate in the promotion of Embedded C and support the maintenance and further development of this website. Contact info@embedded-c.org for further information.